2024 Global Rally activities

We are compiling the details of the Global Rally 2024 activities and events that we are aware of here. We will be continually updating this page. Don’t forget to tell us about your activity and support the campaign on social media! Complete our online form here: English | Español | Français


International Federation on Ageing (IFA)

5 April, 7-8am EDT

The International Federation on Ageing will be organising an online Global Café.

The session provides an opportunity for participants to engage in meaningful dialogue and share insights on a range of topics related to ageing.  The special session will center on the subject of “Age with Rights Campaign: Global Rally” featuring Ellen Graham, Coordinator at the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP) and Frances Zainoeddin, IFA UN Representative.

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Pass It On Network

8 April, 10 am PST, 7pm CEST

A webinar titled ‘Global PIONeer 50/50 Online Conversation’ was organised to highlight human rights in older age and UN convention on the Rights of Older People. The webinar discussed

  • Agenda at the United Nations this year.
  • Human rights in daily programmes and policy making.
  • Active ageing and human rights.
  • Grassroots advocacy for a UN Convention on rights of older people.

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Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN)

9 April, 12pm AEST

Members of OPAN’s National Older Persons Reference Group gathered for a roundtable discussion on the UN Convention on the Rights of Older Persons.

Peter Willcocks, Kevyn Morris, Rosemary Seam, Theresa Flavin and Lynda Henderson shared their views about the role a convention would play in strengthening protections and its impact on the delivery of aged care services.

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Albanian Society for All Ages (ASAG)

Writing article titled ‘Improving Policies for a Better Future for All Ages’ focusing on inclusion, accessibility, and equity for a brighter future. Insights on sustainable development.

Full article here


Resource Integration Centre (RIC)

3 April

Preparatory meeting was held on 28 March with Forum for the Rights of the Elderly, Bangladesh (FREB) to organise the Global Rally. Network of HelpAge Partners in Bangladesh (NHPB) will collaborate collectively and host individual events for the occasion as well.



International Longevity Centre Canada (ILC) and Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (CNPEA) 

10 April, 2pm-4pm EDT / 11am-1pm PDT

With support from National Institute on Ageing (NIA), a webinar titled “Getting Serious about the Human Rights of Older Persons”  was jointly organised to mark the Global Rally.  More information here


Association Camerounaise pour la Prise en Charge des Personnes Agées (ACAMAGE)

9 April, 10am local Cameroon time.

Participating in a radio program advocating for active involvement in the Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWGA14) and urging for the prompt drafting of the UN Convention on the Rights of Older People.


German National Association of Senior Citizens’ Organisations (BAGSO)

BAGSO sent out flyer lists the most important information and arguments in favour of a UN convention on the rights of older people.  This flyer will also serve as a guide for discussions with politicians in order to lend more weight to support the call for the convention.


Modern Thinkers Foundation

Preparatory efforts for another impressive event in Ghana are currently in progress.


Yohan’s Vimukthy International (YVI) / Independent Living and Graceful Ageing (ILAGA)

Exhilarating programme aimed at educating the community and supporters about the UN Decade of Healthy Aging. With a focus on health and well-being, YVI/ILAGA anticipates a turnout of approximately 300 attendees. Stay tuned for updates on YouTube, local newspapers, and LinkedIn messages.


National Old Folks of Liberia, Inc. (NOFOL)

4 April, 11:30am local time.

NOFOL had organised a rally to meet with decision makers demanding for them to pass a bill that will establish a National Commission for the Elderly in Liberia and to encourage our government to attend the Open Ended Working Group on Ageing in New York and support the UN convention on the Rights of Older people.

(From photo) The lady in a yellow T-shirt is 107 years old, with her are ladies of 98 and 92 years old.  They are calling for a UN convention on the Rights of Older People.


Droits Humains – Ocean Indien (DIS-MOI)

DIS-MOI ignites the Global Rally with thrilling engagement across the Indian Ocean region! From dynamic workshops to empowering trainings, the organisation collaborates closely with older people, younger people and a variety of population groups and stakeholders, advocating for the rights of older people.  DIS-MOI ongoing activities advocating on Age With Rights include meetings with senior members of the governments, meeting with the Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission, writing articles for national newspapers tackling pressing issues of ageing and climate change.


Centre for Human Rights and Development (CHRD)

8 April

In collaboration with the Minister of Labour and Social protection, and National Human Rights Commission, Mongolia, CHRD will organise an event as part of the Global Rally. More information to come.


Ageing Nepal

Ageing Nepal will conduct a week-long campaign with different activities

  • Television programme: a television programme will be broadcasted on rights of older persons and the needs of the UN Convention on 13th April.
  • Article publication: an article will be published in a national daily within a week of a global rally.
  • Petition: teams will be visiting various areas to collect signatures using paper forms, for Age With Rights global petition throughout a week.
  • Orientation class: a group of youths will be oriented on the issue of rights of older persons and the needs of the UN Convention.
  • Meeting with policy makers: meetings will be arranged with different ministries to influence them on their participation in OEWGA.
  • Virtual event: a research paper will be presented in one of the themes of 14th session of OEWGA in a Monthly Discussion Forum on Ageing (MDFA) on 12th April.


Age Nigeria

Age Nigeria Foundation Global Rally Campaigners in conjunction with other CSOs which include Thani Oladunjoye Older Persons Care Center, Elders in Council, Lagos Elders Justice,  Center for Creative Ageing and Independent Living, Lagos State Government, Epe Local Government Officials, State Hospital Medical Officers and the general public were present at the workshop to commemorate this year Age With Rights Campaigns in Lagos, Nigeria.


Centro Nacional del Voluntariado (CENAVOL Peru)

14 April, 11:00 am. local time (GMT-5)

An intergenerational parade is planned on Peruvian Children’s Day, April 14 and the celebration of World Day of Volunteering for the Elderly on June 15, coinciding with World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD).  A joint press conference with the District Municipality of San Borja, Lima will be organised prior to the event. Other municipalities and central government authorities and the community will be invited to join the event.


Dobroe Delo – Good Deed, Regional Public Fund for the Elderly

Dobroe Delo is gearing up with their own advocacy materials to spread the word about the Global Rally. Stay tuned for a whirlwind of impactful updates.


NSINDAGIZA Organisation

A meeting scheduled with the Director-General overseeing Social Protection. This meeting will encompass discussions on various topics, notably extending support to the UN Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG14).

South Africa

The Association for the Aged (TAFTA)

Organising a national campaign collecting signatures for the Age With Rights global petition.


Semuto Older Persons Development Association (SOPEDA)

Launching an Older Persons Rights awareness campaign at the Nakaseke District Headquarters in Uganda, featuring bilingual content in English and Swahili.