Last week following the recent election, the GAROP Steering Group selected the new Chair and Deputy Chair. Margaret Young of the Pass It On Network is the new Chair of GAROP and will serve a two year term. Speaking to the Steering Group about her selection, Margaret said ‘I believe that all the possibilities we envision for our movement can become a reality and to achieve this I will work with others consistently towards the goal and help to create a stable environment amidst change and uncertainties.’

The Steering Group also selected a new Deputy Chair to support Margaret in her work as Chair. The new Deputy Chair is Ina Voelcker of BAGSO (German National Association of Senior Citizens‘ Organisations).  Reacting to her selection, Ina said ‘I will contribute to creating an inclusive and respectful work environment within our Steering Group, Secretariat and the general GAROP membership. My vision is an environment in which everybody feels valued, respected and motivated to actively engage in our joint activities but also in strategic planning and decision-making processes.’ 

A message from our new Chair

Our new Chair, Margaret Young (pictured here) shared the following message with GAROP members.

‘The groundswell calling for a convention on the rights of older people is at new heights. Our unwavering voices, be they older people or advocates, have been instrumental. More Member States are hearing the call. Our collective ambition rang with resonance at the 2022 Inaugural Global Rally. Through 36 known events in 24 countries across the continents campaigners called for a convention on the rights of older people to end all forms of discrimination and violence against older people, to protect their rights to participate and contribute and to ensure a life with dignity and respect in the later life course.

It’s a pivotal moment in our movement. We hear from our Global Alliance members that more voices need to be raised and heard across nations, regions, and the global community. Our members also say that more grassroots, cross-sector, cross-region advocacy ensures the diverse and intersectional identities of older people are at the forefront of our movement and visible with our Member States. GAROP Steering Group and Secretariat have been listening. We have been evolving and growing our support as a global platform and will continue to do so in a way that is strategic, guided by the input of our Global Alliance members and partners.

Working together, to “Age With Rights” in later life will become the norm. Our joined hands will onboard more advocates and Member States in recognizing the gaps in our current instruments and supporting a convention that ensures the enjoyment of human rights by older people worldwide.

I am optimistic and excited about the opportunity ahead of us. GAROP Steering Group and Secretariat are committed to continued collaboration with our Global Alliance members and the broader global community toward our collective goal. We look forward to our journey together.’

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