Benefits of Becoming a Member

The Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People continues to grow and diversify its membership to include non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from across the world who support our mission, vision and values.

All members currently benefit directly from their membership in the following ways:

  • Being part of a large coalition and contributing to the unified voice advocating for the rights of older people at the global level
  • Information and updates about how to engage in the UN Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing and related international processes
  • Exclusive access to tailored tools and resources to support advocacy around older people’s rights and a UN convention
  • Option to participate in GAROP’s working groups and technical groups
  • Opportunity to contribute to joint GAROP statements and advocacy initiatives
  • Opportunity to stand as a candidate in the annual Steering Group election in order to have a direct say in GAROP’s governance
  • Having a vote in GAROP Steering Group elections
  • Information about relevant events, publications, resources, consultations
  • Possibility of GAROP endorsement of events organised by members

When additional external funding is available, some members may also have the opportunity to:

  • Receive funding for national campaigns on older people’s rights and a convention
  • Attend member planning and capacity-building workshops
  • Participate in tailored advocacy and campaign training for older activists

If your organisation is an NGO that supports GAROP’s Vision, Mission and Values and wishes to join GAROP, please click here and submit your online application for membership.