Create Your Personalised Photo Frame

Creating your personalised photo frame requires a PowerPoint template.


  1. Download one of the PowerPoint templates above.
  2. Using the template on the right of the slide, insert a photo from your device.
  3. Press “Ctrl” and “A” keys at the same time. 3 frames appear.
  4. Move mouse over centre point of the 3 frames and Right click. A menu of action options appear.
  5. Choose “Save Picture As”.
  6. Once saved, the photo frame is added!


  • If you would like the frame in a different language, double-click the text in one of the templates and change it to the language of your choice!
  • Colours and font type in template are official slogan campaign colours and font type. Please do not change.
  • The exclamation mark “!” is optional per personal preference.
  • If you delete an inserted photo, the “circle” frame that house the photo will go from round to oblong. Left click the oblong shape and an outline of the frame with four corners will appear. Pull and push the corners until frame fits back into the centre of the photo frame.