Preparatory workshop for NGOs and NHRIs ahead of the 10th OEWG session

In the 10th OEWG session from 15-18th April 2019, UN Member States will engage in a substantive debate about two new focus areas of Social protection and social security including social protection floors, and Education, training, lifelong learning and capacity-building. There will also be discussions on normative elements on the two focus areas that were discussed in the 9th session of the OEWG, Long term care and palliative care, and Independence and autonomy.

GAROP and the NGO Committee on Ageing in New York are co-organising a workshop to enable NGOs and NHRIs to plan engagement and strategy together ahead of the 10th OEWG session. The workshop aims to:

–       Support NGO and NHRI engagement in the OEWG process and OEWG10

–       Strengthen connections among NGOs and NHRIs

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