How to get involved

Strengthening older people’s rights can only be achieved with broad public support in many countries. In each and every country, action is necessary by stakeholders from across society. Older people themselves and civil society organisations have a pivotal role to play through educating, gathering evidence, collaborating and giving voice to their specific issues of concern. Other stakeholders such as academics and National Human Rights Institutions also have an important role to play. Here are some ways in which you can get involved in this work:

  • If you are an NGO that supports GAROP’s Vision, Mission and Values, consider becoming a member of GAROP
  • To advocate for older people’s rights and a UN convention in your country, refer to our Resources and Advocacy Timeline for guidance and tools to support your work
  • Check the online calendar on our Home page to find relevant events and to connect with others working on older people’s human rights
  • Join the conversation on Twitter (@GAROP_Sec)
  • Encourage NGOs working with and for older people to join GAROP (use this flyer)
  • Reach out to other groups (e.g. youth, religious, unions, women, people with a disability) to form alliances and foster social solidarity