GAROP Member Logo

The Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP) is a diverse coalition of around 400 members in all regions working collectively to strengthen the protection and promotion of older people’s rights globally and secure a new UN convention on the rights of older people.

As a member of GAROP you can benefit from the network’s strong reputation and raise your own organisation’s profile. We encourage you to use the network
logo on materials and communications published by your organisation. The network’s image can help you convey a sense of credibility to your audience in championing older people and their human rights, enhancing your proposals, fundraising applications and public visibility.

Use of the GAROP Member Logo

The GAROP Member logo may be used by GAROP members freely (without official approval) on materials and communications published by GAROP member organisations. If you are unsure whether your NGO is currently a member of GAROP, you can check on our list of members page. If you are not a member and would like to apply to join, click here.

We encourage you to use the GAROP Member Logo alongside your own organisation’s logo. This way you can show your distinct identity and at the same time benefit from the GAROP brand profile. The GAROP Member Logo should normally be placed on the right (next to your logo if you are using both). If you place the logo next to your organisation’s logo, they should sit side by side and be given equal prominence. They should also align horizontally and not be stretched or distorted.

Download the new GAROP Member Logo here.

Use of the Global Alliance Logo

Use of the above Member Logo on your materials and communications does not indicate official endorsement of the Global Alliance as a whole, it simply indicates that your organisation is a member of the Global Alliance. The main Global Alliance logo is a different design mark and branding from the GAROP Member Logo as it represents the Global Alliance as a whole. The GAROP Secretariat or Steering Group must approve the use of the GAROP logo by its members. This is usually when GAROP is a co-host or partner for an event or activity or is demonstrating its official endorsement. You can consult our guidelines on this here and submit a request form for use of the main logo here.