New report: ‘Our Voices, Our Rights – What older people say about the normative elements of their right to independence and autonomy’

Older people value different aspects of their autonomy and independence highly. The vast majority of older people want to see their right to autonomy and independence officially recognised by their governments or the United Nations.

This is the key finding in a report by the Global Alliance that was published just ahead of the 10th session of the UN Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG) in New York in April 2019. The report is based on a consultation with 1,063 older people from ten countries in Africa and Asia.

The participants were asked about six aspects of autonomy and independence that were discussed previously at the 9th session of the OEWG. The report presents recommendations for normative elements of autonomy and independence based on the participants’ views.

The full report is available in the following languages:

English   Arabic   Chinese   French   Russian   Spanish

The ten country summaries are available here.

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