Steering Group Subgroups and Taskgroups

The Global Alliance Steering Group’s Terms of Reference states that:

‘The Steering Group will agree on the formation of any necessary Subgroups or time-limited Taskgroups. The Steering Group will appoint leads for Subgroups and Taskgroups from among its own membership. Subgroups or Taskgroups will comprise members of the Steering Group only. The leads will report back to the Steering Group on a regular basis.’

The role and membership of Subgroups and Taskgroups as at January 2021 is as follows:

Engagement Subgroup

  • Monitor and coordinate GAROP’s engagement in key events throughout the year between the OEWG sessions
  • Oversee and support the development of advocacy tools, materials, messaging
  • Guide the design and implementation of a process for developing joint positions
Frances Zainoeddin (NGO Committee on Ageing – New York)
Ina Voelcker (BAGSO)
Isabel Lovrincevich (ILC-Argentina)
Kiran Rabheru (ILC-Canada)
Marcus Riley (Global Ageing Network)
Margaret Young (Pass It On Network)
Marijke De Pauw (HelpAge International)
Siayi Nicodemus Soko (CSYM Huduma)
Sanju Thapa Magar (Ageing Nepal)
Vijay Naraidoo (DIS-MOI)

Funding Subgroup

  • Develop a process for inviting and managing voluntary member contributions/fees
  • Oversee and support the development of proposals and management of key donor relationships
  • Build a plan for sustainable income flows for GAROP in the longer term
Ann Lindsey (NGO COA – GVA)
Isabel Lovrincevich (ILC Argentina)
Kiran Rabheru (ILC Canada)
Marcus Riley (Global Ageing Network)
Margaret Young (Pass It On Network)
Sanju Thapa Magar (Ageing Nepal)
Siayi Nicodemus Soko
Ina Voelcker
(CSYM Huduma)
(BAGSO, Germany)

Membership Review Taskgroup

  • To review GAROP’s membership criteria, considering possible new categories of membership as appropriate
  • To develop a membership policy detailing the benefits to and expectations of our members
Frances Zainoeddin (NGO COA-NY)
Ina Voelcker (BAGSO)
Margaret Young (Pass It On Network)

Global Rally Planning Group

  • This is a wider Planning Group for members (beyond the Steering Group) to plan and coordinate the activities relating to the Age With Rights Global Rally on 3rd March 2022
Andrea Dotta (AGECO)
Ina Voelcker (BAGSO)
Marijke de Pauw (HelpAge International)
Margaret Young (Pass It On Network)
Paulette Metang (ACAMAGE)
Beverly Baker (National older Women’s Network Australia)
Isabel Lovrincevich (ILC Argentina)