On 26th August, a video of an historic conversation between António Guterres, UN Secretary-General, and Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP, was released. In the interview, the Secretary-General considers the question ‘What are the implications for older people as we see this COVID-19 spreading all across the world?’.

‘Governments have the responsibility to take measures to much better protect older people’ says the Secretary-General who also expressed his shock at what was happening in care homes and institutions around the world.

He explained that he feels an enormous responsibility in making governments, civil society, businesses to understand that older people must be an absolute priority in the way we fight the COVID-19.

He also refers to his policy brief on older people and COVID-19, which aims to ‘help people do the right thing, and respect older people, and also listen to their voices’.

You can read and watch the highlights of the interview here.

You can read the UN Policy Brief on COVID-19 and older people here.